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Scarsdale's Audrey Pierot Events: Painless Event Planning

Anyone who has ever planned a big event or has been a part of one knows how much time, effort, and STRESS goes into it. Many people don't even know where to start. Vendors don't return phone calls, the 12-year-old wants a Bat Mitzvah party that's sounding like thrice your budget, you have a list of 17 DJs or bands and no time to meet with them all...

Enter Audrey Pierot from Audrey Pierot Events. Audrey Pierot Events is a professional event planning service that specializes in all of the micro-details of event planning throughout the tristate area. Audrey Pierot's twenty years of experience in the industry permits her to handle event planning with ease. Her expertise spans all parts of party planning including décor, videography and photography, banquet management, venues, invitations, menu selection, timelines, entertainment and more. She works with people to plan all kinds of social events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and Sweet Sixteens. Audrey Pierot prides herself on her hands-on approach ensuring that her clients are well guided throughout the planning process and she consistently exceeds their expectations. "Party planning and the party itself should be FUN most of all," said Audrey. "This is how I help my clients feel before, during, and after the event."

Audrey Pierot respects the visions and budgets of her clientspierotflowers2 helping to ensure that each event is unique and memorable for guests, hosts, and those being celebrated. "Each event should reflect the personality of the person or people being celebrated," she said.

Audrey Pierot's clients certainly feel that she lives up to her hype. One past client said "One piece of advice for your [event] planning fiasco- hire Audrey Pierot! She will make the day feel like it is supposed to- happy, joyous and carefree." Another said, "Audrey is ever present during the event and event planning though never intrusive; she's thorough, relaxed and relaxation producing." Yet another person remarked, "Audrey is one in a million- I cannot say enough about her." In fact, most of Audrey Pierot's clients come from referrals from who have worked with her on past events.

Audrey plans events based on her tried and true philosophies. For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, she has a "Mitzvah Philosophy." "It's really a 'bridge celebration' as I like to call it. It's the bringing together of different age groups to celebrate a teen's coming of age with both friends and family. It can be tricky," she said. "Sometimes parents and teens have different ideas of how the event will be celebrated. I make sure ALL parties are happy with the party." She always considers a family's tastes and values and makes the planning process enjoyable.

Audrey also has a "wedding philosophy." At weddings two people become life partners and their families join together as well. "Every guest should leave understanding why the beautiful couple fell in love," she said.

pierotpartyIn regards to other occasions, Audrey said, "A party should be fun to plan as well as to attend and I aim to accomplish both." Audrey succeeds at doing this again and again by taking her clients' ideas, goals, and visions and executing them throughout the event. She is there the day of the event from start to finish to ensure everything goes as planned.

One thankful client's love letter to Audrey in recognition of the services she provided for her daughter's wedding really says it all: "You did an extraordinary job from start to finish. Designer, friend, meteorologist, shrink, foodie, fashion consultant — you were with us every step of the way! Thanks for making Annabel's day so wonderful."

Audrey Pierot Events

(This is sponsored content, written by Stacie Waldman)

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